Announcing the Big Data In Health 2018 Conference

Baronissi Campus, University of Salerno

June 6-8, 2018

Big Data in Health are already exerting a profound impact on biomedicine. Examples are provided by:

a) the centrality of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in public health and epidemiological studies and in scientific publications;
b) the foundational role of high-throughput genomics and integrated multiplexed omics to advance  experimental biology;
c) the depth at which high-resolution imaging is achieving unprecedented accuracy.

In light of the emerging digital medicine paradigm, the role of digital phenotypes has become crucial to characterize diseases. Comprehensive approaches are now conceived for the analysis of multi-evidenced data, i.e., data generated from multiple sources, such as cells, organs, individual lifestyle and social habits, environment, population dynamics, etc.

The other emerging N-of-1 paradigm is inspired by individualization of care and cure. Health across wellbeing and disease stages is leveraging through technology the idea of connectedness, thus converging to a dichotomy already in use at the social level, i.e. ‘connected being’ vs ‘disconnected being’.

The main questions addressed at the meeting through examples of recent and ongoing studies and applications are:

  1. Is digitalization being disruptive in health?
  2. Are EHR filling the knowledge clinical gaps in support of patients?
  3. What are the major bottlenecks and fast tracks for Healthy Ageing?
  4. How Big Data can help doctors stop Big Killers?

The presentations will be available as live streaming at the GARR site