Workshop “Big Data in Health”-Villa Umbra, in Pila (Perugia, Italy), June 29-30, 2017

At the end of the event, the participants collectively agreed over the following points in view of the future continuation of research and dissemination activities in this field:

  1. The access to big data volumes of heterogeneous nature identifies a fundamental scientific need in Biomedicine and the priority for research in the Health field.
  2. The use of multi-sourced electronic health records for scientific scopes, when in full respect of privacy and safety aspects, must not be stopped or delayed.
    Contrasting this principle is unacceptably wrong because it limits the future of biomedical research and potentially damages people’s health.
  3. Empowering research with Big Data of various nature and type will offer new instruments to research and will also support better management practices at both administrative and political level.
  4. Big Data infrastructures need not only be accessed but become interoperable and remain reusable because strategic for long term development and evolution of Healthcare.
  5. The Participants to the Workshop will continue to synergize for further development of projects and cooperative initiatives within the scientific community.