Mega Ellas Project: a General Practitioner Data Warehouse for 500.000 Citizens


 Mario De Santis

Consortium "Mega Ellas"

The Consortium "Mega Ellas" is composed by six Cooperatives of General Practitioners (GP), which include about 400 General Practitioners (GP) who assist more than 500.000 citizens.
It is located in the area of the Local Health Authority of Salerno (ASL Salerno), with a total population of about one million inhabitants.
Since 2016 the Mega Ellas has started a project to gather all GP’s archives in a unique platform in order to create its own Data Warehouse (DW), which guards about 300 million Electronic Healtcare Records (EHR), saving from 2007 to the present days.
These EHR include millions of data about drugs, diagnoses, medical examinations and diagnostic procedures, together with clinical data and, moreover, some data typical and exclusive of GPs, like socio-economic condition, lifestyle, compliance to therapy, etc.
The availability of the DW helps to improve the epidemiology through a better knowledge of diseases, even through innovative statistical instrument, such as network analysis: currently we are involved in studying the correlation among diagnosis, clinical and instrumental data and social, cultural, familial and economical health determinants.